Mirjana Stevanovic

Mirjana Stevanovic

Mirjana Stevanovic from the University of California - Berkeley, is a Co-Director of the Berkeley team's excavation of Building 3, in the BACH (Berkeley Archaeologists at Çatalhöyük ) area. Mirjana also directs the experimental archaeology project through which she plans to replicate the processes of Neolithic mud brick production, house construction, and eventual destruction and leveling of the structure. After sampling and analyzing Neolithic mud bricks at Çatalhöyük in 1996, Mirjana directed the production of several different batches of experimental bricks during the 1997 season, varying the sizes and material composition. These will then be analyzed for comparison with the Neolithic samples to determine the best "recipe" to use for making the hundreds of mud bricks needed to build the experimental structure.

All staff profiles were compiled in 1998 and may not be current today. We hope to give you a glimpse at some of the people who work and have worked at Çatalhöyük but for more up to date information about the current Çatalhöyük team visit the University of Cambridge Çatalhöyük website

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