assortment of stamp shapes These designs are taken directly from the wall murals done by the neolithic people at Çatalhöyük. You can use the full size stamp templates in a variety of ways, to look at, to make stickers, or make your own seals

To make these into stamps, print this page for directions, then print the full size stamp templates.

  1. Take the printout of the seals and turn the page over to the unprinted side. Take the pencil and completely cover the back side of the paper with graphite ( you can skip this step if you have carbon paper.
  2. Transfer the designs to your styrofoam blocks by tracing over the designs on the top (printed)side of the paper. You might want to do it one at a time by cutting out each design separately.
  3. Now, carefully cut our the white part of the design (leave the penciled transfer uncut)
  4. once your design is cut out, put an even layer of your pigment (tempra, ink or acrylic paint) on the cookie sheet and dip your stamp in the ink
  5. Stamp away!

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