Getting Started

The people of Çatalhöyük used painting tools from materials that could be found in their natural environment. Common materials probably included sticks or reeds for paint brush handles or hair from *boars* for bristles. People also used small rags dipped in the paint to smear large areas of the mural with paint.
Make Your Own Çatalhöyük Brushes:

1. Find some hair, either from an animal or fake hair. Find sticks, twigs, or reeds that will work as a paint brush handle.
*Remember that detailed painting requires small brushes. You may want to make a variety of sizes.

2. Attach some hair to the end of a stick. Wrap the twine or string around the hair to hold it in place.

3. Use pieces of cloth or rags as brushes. Dip the rags into containers of paint. This works well for covering large areas with color.

4. Set up mural space. Using masking tape, put the large banner paper on the wall. Be careful. Do not get any paint on the wall. If this is a concern, tape newspapers around the edges between the banner paper and the wall. Keep in mind that tempera paint will run. Be cautious and do not apply too much paint at one time. If this is a concern, this project can also me done with the banner paper on the floor. The people of Çatalhöyük, however, painted directly on the walls rather than installing the finished murals to the wall.


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