Overview and Process Videos

Get a Çatalhöyük Overview
Watch the BACH Area Under Excavation
Time Lapse of a Burial Excavation
Watch the Mud Brick House Construction
Floatation Process Explained
About the Ethnobotany Lab
Tour the Finds Room
Interview with John Swogger- Site Illustrator
Seed Sorting
Çatalhöyük Dig Life
What Was the Neolithic Diet?
The Mysterious "Midden" Burial
Wendy Matthews Explain the Micromorphology Sample Process

Mira Experimental House Interviews

Mira Introduces Herself
Is It Based on a Particular House?
How Has the House Influenced the Excavation?
Who Built These Neolithic Houses?
Tell Us About the Oven Experiment
What Do You Think It Was Like Inside the Neolithic Houses?
Do You Plan to Paint Murals on the Walls?
What Other Experiments Do You Want to Do In the House?
Is This House Helpful for the Tourists?
Michael Ahsley Lopez Comments on The Light in the House
Will the House Help in Knowing what the Light was like Neolithic?

Mysteries Solved? Videos

Shahina Addresses the Owl Pellets Mystery
Shahina Addresses the Bear Paw Mystery
Shahina Addresses the Flint Dagger Mystery
Ruth Tringham Addresses the Flint Dagger Mystery
Ruth, Could the Dagger Be Used As A Fire Starter?
Shahina Talks about the Two Mounds Mystery
Michael Ashley Lopez Comments on the Mysteries

Other Ruth Tringham Videos

Are You Investigating the Evolution of Human Culture?
Do You Have Any Definitive Answers?
Could the Dagger Been Used As A Fire Starter?
Ruth Tringham Addresses the Flint Dagger Mystery
What Do You Encourage People To Read if They Are Interested In Archaeology?
How Do You Envision This Site in Another 20 Years?
Looking Back, What Do You Feel Has Been Accomplished So Far?
What Is Your BIG Question?

Ian Hodder Videos

What Will Çatalhöyük Look Like In 20 Years?
Do You Have an Understanding of the Art?
Will Artifacts Always Be Important to Archaeology?
Is Çatalhöyük a Cultural Center Now Like It Was 9,000 Years Ago?
What Do You Imagine Daily Life Was Like 9,000 Years Ago?
Big Question: The Roles of Men and Women at Çatalhöyük
Can We Ever Know Everything About Çatalhöyük?
Looking Back At the Project, Are You Surprised By Anything?
What Are Some More Unsolved Mysteries?
Big Questions Still Unanswered?
A Museum Here in 20 Years? More Experimental Houses?
Do You Personally Think Objects Are Important To Archaeology?
Do You See Any Parallels Between The Site Now and 9,000 Years Ago?
Can You Give Us and Update On What's Been Accomplished So Far (1993-2002)
Why Did They Settle Here 9,000 Years Ago?
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